Solarspot International S.r.l. is an Italian company located in Cocquio Trevisago (close to Milan), totally owned by Bracale family and with more than 40 years of activity in the natural lighting technology field.

Founded by Dr. Gennaro Bracale, it is the results of the incorporation in 2009 of the others family companies Energo Project (1981) and Solar Project (2003).

From 2001 all the activity has been focused on the Mirrored Tubular Daylight Guidance Systems, thanks to the Solarspot® patent, of which it is exclusive licensee.

Solarspot International quickly became on several markets a reference company for tubular daylight systems and natural lighting, thanks to the high technical level of the produced systems and to the attention paid to the specific needs of clients.

In 2010 started the hybrid evolution LEDSolarspot®, a new natural integrated lighting solution.

Solarspot® and LEDSolarspot® are available in five diameters and this allow to employ them in all application fields: from residential to industrial.

The entire production and assembling cycle of Solarspot® and LEDSolarspot®, as well as the raw materials research and quality control are carried out at Solarspot International workshop, in order to give to the market always the best technical and esthetical solution; only the turning and thermoforming process of some basic components (made on molds owned by Solarspot International) are committed to external Italian companies.

Solarspot International supply directly or towards a national distributors network, to develop the market of Tubular Daylight Guidance Systems: the export represents roughly 80% of the company production.



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