We are Senini, a family-owned business established in 1960. We are located in Montichiari, near Brescia and Lake Garda, 100 km east of Milan.

We operate on a production area of 100,000 sqm and have become on of the leading companies in Europe in terms of quality, production flexibility and capacity, green product research and development.

5 plants are operating at the same time and manufacturing quality interlocking pavers, slabs, with single or double layer, kerbstones and building blocks, all made of vibro-compressed concrete, the mixing of concrete to obtain a wet soil texture, meaning a low water/cement ratio with the addition of high-performing quartz and minerals.

We also manufacture photocatalytic pavers containing bioactive substances which use sunlight to react naturally with polluting agents making them biodegradable, and keeping the surface bacterial and virus free. They have a compact texture. They contain high-performing quartz and minerals to keep them shiny, resistant to abrasion and non-slip. They are water-repellent, keeping the colours alive over time, preventing the formation of efflorescence, mould, mosses and lichens, and have a high resistance to freezing/thawing cycles. In addition to that, we also manufacture hemp and lime green building blocks, which are becoming more popular day by day.

What is more, we have additional processing units for special finishing, such as but not limited to tumbling, aging, shotblasting and splitting. We also own a crushing plant with selection of inert material as well as a fully equipped lab for testing the existing products and developing new products.

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