The “Rosslyn Company S.p.A. con Socio Unico”, distributes petroleum products (fuels and lubricants) worldwide to leading shipping companies, industries and distribution companies. It has the honor, among other things, to count among its clients: the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility – General Command of the Corps of the Port Authorities and the General Staff of Defence. The Rosslyn Company (hereinafter “the Company”) has multi-year supply contracts in its portfolio with these customers for over 50 million of Euro.

The Company, which will celebrate its first 10 years of activity this year, has set itself the goal of becoming a player of primary importance in the production of high-performance lubrificants, for the “industry” and “automotive” sectors, but above all for specific uses military, of which we are the main producers and suppliers in Italy.

To date it is possible to state that the objective has been achieved, thanks to an expert staff, entirely dedicated to customer satisfaction, and to the constant improvement of the products, both in terms of performance and in terms of reducing the environmental impact.

Furthermore, in its growth path, the Company has made substantial investments with its own means, acquiring offices, factories and warehouses in Campania, Molise and Marche. Among its assets of particular relevance is the plant built and equipped with cutting-edge equipment and machinery in Molise at the Industrial Nucleus of Termoli (Cb), located between the Stellantis plant (formerly FCA) and the motorway junctions. The plant insists on an area of ​​12,000 m2 with a covered area of ​​about 1,800 m2.

The quality and seriousness of our our work has also been rewarded with the trust not only of leading oil companies, of which we are privileged commercial partners, but above all by the military bodies of the Italian state, of which we are the main suppliers. The Rosslyn Company, in fact, already a NATO operator for the production and distribution of lubricating oils for aeronautical use with NATO Code N-CAGE: AS352, produces and distributes lubricants under its own brand “NATOIL”.

In its development plans there is the objective of expanding its reference market through a policy of internationalization, which allows us to make the most of the know-how acquired in the formulation and preparation of high performance lubricants intended for heavy use, expanding to new countries and new markets.

The turnover achieved to date, certified by the auditing firm Ernst & Young, of some tens of millions of euros, and the profits achieved allow us to look to the future with serenity and confidence, planning and financing future developments, including, the one just completed, the transformation of the Rosslyn Company from a limited liability company into a joint-stock company, currently being registered with the competent Company Register of Naples.

The valuable project of the spect. Assocamerestero, therefore, in the light of the foregoing, would marry perfectly, if our Company was admitted to the selection process, as we so desired, simplifying, accompanying and “sponsoring” the Rosslyn Company as an international player in its reference sector in an undoubtedly interesting and sought-after geographical area.

We remain confident awaiting the outcome of the selection process, which we hope will be positive, in order to be able to dedicate ourselves with pride, commitment and dedication and, why not, with reasonable expectations, to creating an excellent opportunity for professional and corporate growth.



Export Manager Francesco Castaldo


Representative Office