RIVES is an Italian brand of production and marketing of high prestige professional and decorative paints designed to offer effects with a unique and fascinating design.
RIVES was founded in 1976 and in over forty years it has gained consolidated production and commercial experience, with a structured distribution network and pre- and post-sales services dedicated to individual customers.
Rives boasts a highly qualified staff able to fully manage the production process. A process that starts from the design of the paints, up to distribution through an organized, efficient and always close to the customer distribution network.
Technologically advanced industrial plants allow for the creation of a vast range of products such as decorative paints, water-based paints, wall coverings, insulation, and other specific products for the building industry, reaching an annual production capacity of 3,000,000 kilos.
Thanks to an internal research and development laboratory that carries out more than 2500 quality checks a year, Rives customers can feel confident about the reliability and technical characteristics of the products.
The company is spread over an area of twenty thousand square meters and exports to over thirty countries around the world. The quality and innovation of the products is guaranteed by the prestigious ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
Rives is experience, tradition, custodian of Made in Italy production mastery, heir to the culture of know-how with an eye to the great challenges of the future.
Let yourself be inspired by Rives colors and products to define the style and design of your life.
Rives, new colors, new ideas, quality as always.

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