the beauty of having something unique

our exclusives

three stones dedicated to projects that aim at uniqueness, that aspire to distinguish themselves, that ask the best.

Vallecamonica Porphyry

vallecamonica porphyry is extracted from a quarry located 2000 mt. above the sea level in bienno, in brescia province (lombardia). this Porphyry is carved with attention and ability, it decorates buildings, monuments and private residences in Italy and all over the world. thanks to its exceptional hardness, compactness and uniform coloration, it is an incomparable stone, really appreciated for its qualities for resistance and duration.

Giallogiotto and Grigioverde Porphyry

this two stones are extracted from the same quarry located 1300 mt. above the sea level in renon, in bolzano province (trentino alto adige), and this is really special and exceptional. the first one has a nearly lunar trama, while the soft surface of the second one matched with the distinctive trait of porphyry, make this two stones main characters of prestigious projects in design and architecture.

the energy of matter

porfido pedretti has been operating in the stone sector for three generations, with a vision constantly projected to the future, offering a stone selection that it researches with care. for 50 years it carries out the Vallecamonica Porphyry, unique stone in the world, whose character is strong, incomparable and particularly appreciated by architects and designers and since 2015 porfido pedretti society has the monopoly of a porphyry quarry in renon, in the province of bolzano, and it extracts the Grigioverde and the Giallogiotto Porphyry.


an artisan family. a stone industry

We can live a wonderful life in the world if we know how to work and love, work for those we love and love what we work for.” Lev Tolstoj

when the pedretti brothers started their business activity in 1968 they had a dream: to perform important works, exporting an absolutely unique material all over the world, the Vallecamonica Porphyry. the history of pedretti’s brothers, begins from the deep passion for this stone and since they were kids, they worked in order to help their father defendente, skillful stone cutter and constantly their main character during their way. simple guys and tireless workers, during their life in the quarry, they became real experts of the stone, by acquiring experience and tasks, improving the technique and finishing the method of the production. with the enter of technologies and tools always more original and integrating the work forces with new professionals figures, the pedretti’s brothers, have been growing the company, by transmitting at their children, the passion for this activity. today it is the third generation of the pedretti’s family who guides the company, by realizing high quality products and obtaining prestigious identification and affirming themselves to an international level.


not just porphyry

our knowledge and competence in the stone sector allows us to select and choose carefully different type of stones, to satisfy any need.


interior decoration

design kitchens, showrooms equipment, shops and restaurants; interior covering and flooring in refined lofts, a very time touch, unique and precious: a guarantee of success and elegance.


public and private building

the fascination of the natural stone, under sunlight. coverings for valuable buildings and perfect integration with every kind of environment.


urban decoration

public works inside the building process of a modern town. squares, streets, benches and all the necessary elements to make better the outside life and movement, to be ever and firmly integrated.


design components

creativity moulds stone making common use objects, but not so common. a very rich inspiration for the entire house and for every style of house.



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