N.C.D. manufacture constant and variable load spring hanger, hydraulic shock absorbers, expansion joints, pipeline ancillaries, cryogenic supports and after sale assistance, maintenance and replacement of supports, modification of attachments, steel structures construction.

The current status of N.C.D. standard supports is the result of more than 50 years of experience in power and petrochemical plants. N.C.D. standard supports were originally designed and tested even for nuclear power plant applications. Based on its experience and on its customers’ requirements, N.C.D. set up this standard, so becoming one of the leading suppliers in the hanger market. N.C.D. efforts are constantly oriented to the design of cost-effective components, according to the main criterion: “a safe and reliable hanger with the lowest possible cost”.

N.C.D. S.r.l., a part of manufacturing new pipe supports, is active in the field of maintenance of old and erection of brand-new supports.

Depending on the installation position, i.e. whether the hanger is installed above or below the structure, the types A – E are selected. Spring Supports type F are installed below the support point. For unusual conditions, special Variable Supports can be manufactured.

On demand, N.C.D. S.r.l. can provide after sale assistance to its customers, relevant to the erection of pipe supports or survey on site of already erected pipe supports.

When old pipe supports can be still used, N.C.D. refurbishes them on site or carries them to its workshop; if not, brand new parts are suddenly manufactured, thus reducing the stop period of the plant to the minimum possible.

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