Iride Acque is a forward-thinking company with a strong focus on innovation, environmental responsibility, and sustainability in the field of industrial water treatment.

Following are some key points:

1) Innovative SME and Benefit Company: Iride Acque is Innovative SME, its mission is to innovate, and it’s a Benefit Company because it aims to contribute to the diffusion of a new water culture. This shows a commitment to both technological advancement and a positive impact on society and the environment.

2) Unique Patented Technology (EMER): The company has developed a patented technology called EMER, which is used for treat industrial waste water. This technology is based on a catalytic oxidation process combined with a magnetic bar and utilizes eco-friendly oxidants and nanotechnological catalyzers. This innovation makes Iride Acque stand out and it contributes to a circular economy.

3) Advantages of the Solution: Our technology offers several advantages compared to traditional waste water treatment methods, including lower capital and operational expenses (CapEx and OpEx), smaller physical footprint, and reduce waste sludge production. It also meets the needs of clients looking for process simplification, compactness, modularity, and flexibility. Additionally, the technology can be integrated with traditional systems, enhancing their performance without requiring a full plant replacement.

4) Expanding Range of Services: Iride Acque has been acquiring companies to expand its offerings and has been forming partnerships with other industry leaders. This approach allows the company to provide comprehensive and effective solutions for clients seeking to reduce their water footprint.

5) Environmental Responsibility: We use eco-friendly oxidants and the recycling of waste batteries for nanotechnological catalyzers highlights our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. This is especially important in an era where companies are increasingly focused on reducing their environmental impact.

Overall, Iride Acque is a company that is not only innovative but also highly conscious of its environmental and societal responsibilities. These qualities, position the company as a valuable partner for businesses looking to improve their water treatment processes while reducing their environmental footprint.

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