lndecal is a company specialised in the production of plasterboard and gypsum fibre board for radiant heating and cooling systems with low thermal inertia that can be used in ceilings, walls and floors.

INDECAL proposes the SLIM 18 underfloor radiant solution for heating and/or cooling with low thermal inertia, thus overcoming traditional radiant systems that adopt a continuous running to get the full operating power. It allows any type and size of covering (stoneware, parquet, natural stone, etc.) to be laid in a very short time in just 18 mm together with 18 mm of self-levelling screed.
A traditional underfloor radiant system requires approximately go mm thickness for the floor covering to be laid, whereas with the INDECAL Slim 18 solution, a thickness of 23 mm is sufficient.

Carrying out a building renovation in the traditional way involves demolishing the old system, long processing times, and costs for transport, disposal and delivery of building aggregates, all of which can be avoided without further burdening the structure with the INDECAL SLIM 18 dry system.

INDECAL SLIM 18 is the best installation solution in renovations, as it has a reduced thickness, it can be applied directly on top of the existing floor without removing the old one, resulting in considerable cost and time savings. The installation of our system is dry and it is very fast; the pipe spacing is iOo mm while the diameter of the pipe laying in the panels iS 12 mm with an oxygen barrier with lifetime guarantee.
The length of the circuits does not exceed yo m, thus avoiding the installation of additional circulators.

In order to optimise the space occupied by the manifold, it is possible to equip each of its output with a splitter, thus allowing two circuits to be linked in one connection.

• Overall thickness including screed 23
• No need of masonry work and no costs for dismantling existing flooring, transport and debris disposal
• Laying on existing flooring
• Full operating time within minutes
• High energy savings
• No restrictions on coating types and formats
• Use of the system in both heating and cooling mode

• Building construction
• Industrial building
• Service industry


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