Impianti Draganti (Dredgers, Equipments and Accessories Industry) produces dredgers and acts in the design and in the manufacture of every type of machinery suitable for the extraction of sand and gravel through dredging pumps and plants for the transport and the selection of aggregates.

The Company is also specialized in the overhauling and in the maintenance of the existing plants including supply of the spare parts and the fittings of the dredging pumps, produced by her own. Impianti Draganti has developed some new material types consisting in wear resistant alloys, in order to achieve a better operation life.

The experience and the advanced technology of the hydroextracting engineering achieved by application and research that has been lasting for many years, along with a good geological knowledge, now enable Impianti Draganti to manufacture plants that meet the operator requirements in the quarry and in all different dredging types too.

Standard dredgers production is avoided and special dredgers are manufactured according to her client requirement and according the soil nature.

Thanks to the ability and the experience of their technicians, Impianti Draganti is able to solve every problem and to recommend the right dredger type, with all production and operation guarantees. The high specialization will be the guarantee for a good manufacture, maintenance and service for every dredging and digging type.

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