Set up in 1963 Edilfibro is one of the leading european companies in the production of roofing fibercement corrugated sheets.

Located in Arena Po, a very strategic area in the north of Italy, Edilfibro through the years has developed a customer-aimed approach, with the will to expand its markets.

Edilfibro always invested and gave much attention to R&D and Quality department, in order to supply the market with high quality fibercement sheets, long lasting and reliable.

Thanks to special cements with empowered chemical resistance, organic fibers (PVA – Poly Vinyl Alcohol), polyethylene fibers and polypropylene, Edilfibro’s sheets meet all technical requirement required by the european standards.

Another aspect Edilfibro is very focused on is the enviromental issue: all its sheets can be considered ecological because of the lowest value of high concern substances, in addition, Edilfibro selects all its suppliers with very low CO2 production.

Nowaday Edilfibro can offer a complete range of undertile sheets and at least a dozen of other corrugated profiles for coverings and ceilings, also curved, that can basically fit pretty much any civil, industrial and agricoltural building.

The wide offer of coloured sheets can be even enlarged with the possibility to choose from any RAL colour available, giving the customer the possibility to create a taylor-made solution for his roof or cladding.


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