Cotti & Marchi Company has delivered its activity in the design and realization of electrical transformer transportable

substations, both containerized for large construction sites that armored tunnel substations, MV containerized distribution substations, protected and metal clad MV switchgears, LV switchgears, MV junction boxes up to 36kv, air compression stations, battery energy storage station and systems for electric vehicles recharge.

MV/LV containerized transformer substations are self-supporting monobloc structures, fully wired, roof and side walls insulated, ideal for all outdoor installations.

Cotti & Marchi in addition to the containerized transformer substation realizes an armored substation, suitable for

outdoor and tunnel installations, in heavy conditions: therefore the substation has a bent steel sheet structure, minimum thickness mm.3, further reinforced where necessary.

The substation can be provided with MV/LV cable reel, skid on muddy grounds or wheeled undercarriage on uniform grounds.

The air compression mobile station allows you to use the service that a compressed air generation and distribution system offers anywhere.

The Battery energy storage is made for the containment of energy static accumulation systems.

Products and systems for electric vehicles recharge consist of plug-in mobile charging stations of up to 180KW that allow the operation of up to 4 connection points simultaneously.

The ambition to establish itself at high levels while maintaining quality standards of absolute value has allowed the company to obtain the international ISO 9001 certification. Thanks to it, Cotti & Marchi guarantees production quality at every stage, in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.

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