A-FOLD uses ground-breaking building technology and innovative materials to build modern modular homes that unfold to provide, quickly and easily, an affordable, high-quality, sustainable living space.

Durable and earthquake resistant, it’s the perfect solution for any kind of purpose: residential, commercial, resorts and even disasters relief accommodations. We design safe and cosy spaces that can grow, move or change with your needs.

Designed for an extremely comfortable living, A-FOLD guarantees an innovative and affordable housing solution.

A-FOLD perfectly fits wherever you want: large cities or rural areas, mountains or seaside villages, A-FOLD adapts perfectly to any environment. You can add your personal touch picking up the model that best suites you between a wide range of solutions and using your favorite materials according to your needs and your budget.

A-FOLD is a registered, patented and Made in Italy brand.

Our team has a solid experience on prefabricated construction acquired in over 20 years of activity in projecting, manufacturing and developing various building solutions always with an eye to the green technology.

Our challenge is to revolutionize the prefabricated affordable building industry through smart designs and innovative manufacturing processes.

Strength and passion of a dynamic environment with eyes fixed to a better future.

The spirit of innovation originates from love for nature, because the only way doing business that we have known is to improve the environment in which men live, investing in the quality and style of the habitat, ensuring well-being and harmony.

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